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salvaged live edge acacia wood and black epoxy river magnetic knife rack holding a kitchen knife
salvaged live edge acacia wood and black epoxy river magnetic knife rack holding a kitchen knife

The Best and Best-Looking Knife Storage Solution

Upgrade to the safest, cleanest, and most convenient way to store your knives. Handcrafted in the USA with salvaged live edge lumber, food-safe epoxy resin, and plant-based finishes.

We cook steak rare but our work is well done.


Installation & Usage

Just about anywhere! We offer two hanging options:

1 - Anchors and keyhole slots for drywall, plaster or wall stud installation.

2 - High strength adhesive surfaces like tile, stone, metal, and similar surfaces.

All options are removable with little or no damage to the surface or knife holder.

Hanging your magnetic knife holder is quick and simple, and we include instructions. Our hanging kits and template will help make sure your knife holder ends up right where you want it. And we're also here to help if you need us.

Our knife holders can be installed, removed, and relocated with little or no damage in most situations. Our high-strength adhesive can be used on stone and similar surfaces with no damage. Installation on drywall requires two small (and easily repaired) holes for the wall anchors.

Yes! Our magnetic knife holders can be easily removed and re-installed.

Design & Craftsmanship


Strong enough to hold most knives but not strong enough that you'll pull a muscle removing them. We use two rows of neodymium super magnets for lots of holding power.

Will they hold a chainsaw? Probably not, and we don't encourage you to try that. If you have a beastly knife that won't quite stick, we can upgrade your knife holder or build a burly new one for you.

Yes! If you'd like to learn more about our process, click here.

We rely almost exclusively on lumber salvaged locally in South Florida. We work closely with a nearby sawmill specializing in salvaged hardwoods, in addition to sourcing and milling local woods ourselves. A majority of our lumber comes from hurricane-damaged trees and landscaping waste.

Shipping & Returns

Yes! All orders ship free in the USA because we too hate inflated last-minute shipping charges and handling fees.

While we can't offer free international shipments, we are committed to keeping shipping costs low. We pay a portion ourselves to offset your cost, and we don't charge handling fees.

We accept returns within the first 30 days of receipt, and provide a full credit minus shipping charges. Sale items and Off-Menu orders are not eligible for return.