We're sold out but new work is in progress. To inquire, contact John at 954-330-7212 or chef@knife-en-place.com

Our Story

Knife en Place is the pursuit of something better.

Our Head Chef, John Bernasconi, works nights and weekends to build the kind of business he believes in and create a better future for his family. He believes in hard, honest work and the American Dream.
John started Knife en Place in his garage, much to the dismay of his wife who was forced to abandon all hope of ever parking her car there. With borrowed tools and $600 from a previous woodworking project, John worked long and sweaty hours (yet again to the dismay of his wonderful, patient wife) to launch Knife en Place.
That garage is still our main workshop, and yes, the car is still in the driveway.

Knife en Place is form and function.

We chose to specialize in knife holders because they're the perfect balance of form and function. Pure function is beautiful in its own way, and beauty is a function of its own, but this is the best of both worlds. Our mission is to make your kitchen more functional, and more beautiful.

Knife en Place is a passion project.

Knife en Place is the culmination of multiple interests: sharp knives, good food, fine arts, handcraft, natural materials, and functional beauty. It's the result of obsessing about our natural world and how we shape it. It's the desire to create things not only for the sake of creation itself, but with a goal of making objects worth making. Interested in how we do that? Learn more about our process.

Knife en Place is guided by principles.

We have values and principles that we strive to uphold daily. Most companies see their values as a bunch of nice sounding things their marketing department thinks will go over well; ours are a way of life. Are we including this on here mostly as a way to link you to another page about us? Absolutely, and here's that link.