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Our Principles

Quality Matters

We believe that quality still matters, and that good stuff is worth making and owning. We believe in "less but better" - both on your plate and in your home. We believe in good materials, hard work, and attention to detail. We believe that blood, sweat, and tears really do make a product better (unless they get in the topcoat).

Values are Everything

We believe in doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching or would ever notice anyway. We believe that honest business is profitable. We believe in making the most out of every material and reusing as much as possible, whether it's an offcut piece of lumber or an old peanut butter jar. We believe in finding beauty and function where others see only trash.

Food is More than Fuel

We believe in good food and home cooked meals. We believe that love actually is a secret ingredient. We believe that having a connection to your foods is more than just trusting some "ethically sourced" label. We believe that kitchens are made to get dirty (and then promptly cleaned, of course).

Hard Work Pays Off

We believe that effort and outcomes are correlated, even when it feels like they're not. We believe in doing things for yourself - not only because they turn better, but because it's important in general.  We believe that doing the dishes by hand sometimes is good for you, and that nobody is above getting dirty sometimes.