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•Chef's Table Template•

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(Explain the following: this exact piece(s) of wood is available for a custom, made-to-order knife holder. Your table awaits for a personalized, unique experience. You can choose your options, including epoxy resin, live edge, etc... after placing a deposit. Include pricing estimates in product page. More details below (outline the steps very very clearly). Make sure the customer knows the following: they're getting that exact piece, what types of options they have, that they can change their mind, that mockups will be provided)

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Easy & Flexible Installation

All hanging options are removable with little or no damage to the surface or knife holder.

Wall Anchors: Ideal for drywall, plaster, and wood. Mounted using keyhole slots on the back of the knife holder.

High-Strength Adhesive: Ideal for damage-free installation on marble, granite, tile, metal, and other similar surfaces.


As unique as they are useful, Knife en Place magnetic knife holders pair personality with practicality.

With distinctive styling, premium materials and handcrafted quality, it's a utilitarian kitchen essential, reinvented.

live edge epoxy resin river magentic knife strip holding a chefs knife in a stylish designer white and gray kitchen

Sharp Style,
Sharper Knives

We'll cut to the chase, knife blocks dull your blades and drawers are
even worse. Knife en Place knife holders keep your cutlery sharp so you can keep your edge in the kitchen.


Nothing personal, but your knife block might be gross - they gather
crumbs, trap moisture, and can even foster mold and bacteria.

Knife en Place magnetic knife holders are the cleanest, most hygienic way to store your cutlery.

Picky Eater?

Order Off-Menu and we'll whip something up from scratch for you.